Favmedia Telegram bot

About Favmedia Telegram bot

This bot allows you to save your favorite gifs and images under a search term in order to quickly recall these inside your telegram chats.

Save media

You can add a photo or gif file by forwarding it to the bot. In the message to the bot you give the search term under which you like to save that media file.

After which you will see:

Query media in chat

In any conversation you can add your saved media by searching for a term like this:

And then clicking the desired media which will then be added to the chat:

List command

list media under the given term

To show a specific media in the list, click on the show link. This will popup a start button which you can then click to show the media file:

The same principal applies to delete.

Other commands

delete the media with the given id
print the media document of the given id
with this you can delete all data that the bot has saved during your conversations
send a message to support asking for help or information

General Data Protection Regulation

Find out which data is being saved when using this bot.

Favmedia bot privacy policy

This privacy policy will explain how this bot uses the personal data it collects from you when you use the bot.
What data is collected?
  • The id of your Telegram account.
  • Ids of documents inside Telegram
  • urls to documents
  • 14 days of logs of all your communication with the bot, anonymizing everything but your user id.
How does the bot collect your data?
Data is collected when you interact with the bot.
How does the bot use your data?
When you add new media with a search term to the bot, the bot has to save these so that the saved media can be displayed when querying those search terms.

The logs are saved to ensure the smooth running of the bot and in case of support.

How is your data stored?
The search terms and document ids/urls as well as the logs are stored on servers in Germany using best practices.
At any point you can delete all your search terms, document ids and urls by calling the bot command /deleteeverything

Logs are automatically deleted after 14 days.

Changes to the privacy policy
The privacy policy is under regular review and updates are placed on this website. This privacy policy was last updated on 18 October 2019.
How to contact
If you have any questions or need support you can use the bot command /support.

Contact / Impressum

Achim Rohn
Schinkelstr. 14
80805 München

+49 89 46227048
Achim Rohn